Winter Maintenance Tips

February 4th, 2022 by

Winter is a challenging time of the year for both drivers and vehicles. In many areas, snow and ice are introduced to the surfaces of roads during the winter months, making it tougher for drivers to navigate through the streets and for vehicles to grab traction. There are several things that drivers can do, however, to make traveling during the winter much easier and safer.


Check the Condition of Your Vehicle’s Battery

Cold weather can affect the performance of your vehicle’s battery, reducing the amount of power that the battery is able to provide for your vehicle. Therefore, you should check the condition of your vehicle’s battery before the temperature in your area drops. As you inspect your vehicle’s battery, make sure that the battery isn’t damaged or leaking. Check the power output of the battery as well during your battery inspection and replace the battery if you notice any signs of wear.


Car batteries generally last between two to three years before they die. If you haven’t changed your vehicle’s battery in years, then you should consider changing the battery before winter arrives, as the battery of your vehicle could die unexpectedly. 


Change Your Vehicle’s Fluids

Your vehicle has a variety of fluids that cycle through its systems while you are driving the vehicle. Before winter arrives, check your vehicle’s fluid levels and consider replacing the fluids of your vehicle with fresh fluids. If any of the fluid levels in your vehicle are low, then top off the fluids so that your vehicle has enough. 


Put on a Set of Winter Tires

You should equip your vehicle with a high-quality set of winter tires if you expect it to snow in your area during the winter. Winter tires are specially designed to perform optimally in both snow and ice, ensuring that drivers’ vehicles have ample traction on slippery roads. There are a variety of winter tires that are available on the market, so visit us at Buchanan Auto Park if you need help finding a dependable set of winter tires for your vehicle. 


Inspect and Prepare Your Vehicle’s HVAC System

The heating and cooling components of your vehicle are all part of the vehicle’s HVAC system. As you prepare your vehicle for the winter, inspect the many parts of its HVAC system. In addition to checking your vehicle’s HVAC system for damage, make sure that the system isn’t leaking. Repair any damage that you find so that the system can provide heat for you in your vehicle during the cold winter months.


Prepare a Roadside Emergency Kit

It is a good habit for you to always keep a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle. However, it is even more important for you to have a roadside emergency kit that is readily available for you during the winter. Keeping a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle during the winter will make it easier for you to handle a tough situation when the weather is cold and the roads are tougher to navigate through.


You can purchase a roadside emergency kit that is already assembled or you can build your own roadside emergency kit. If you choose to make your own roadside emergency kit, which can consist of any items that you believe will be necessary for you during an emergency, then there are several essential items that you need to include in your kit. A roadside emergency kit should at least have a set of jumper cables, a first aid kit, and a flashlight. If possible, you can also include a jerry can and extra non-perishable food in your roadside emergency kit.


Properly preparing your vehicle for the winter will help ease the challenges that your vehicle will face during the cold season, and maintaining your vehicle through the winter will allow your vehicle to remain dependable for when you need it the most. At Buchanan Auto Park, we will be glad to help you maintain the condition of your vehicle. We offer many products and services at our dealership that will help your vehicle continue to run smoothly and reliably. Contact us if you would like to learn more about what we have to offer or would like more information about things that you can do to prepare your vehicle for the winter.

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